Balcony Re-waterproofing & Re-tiling, Sliding Doors
Replacement & Associated Waterproofing Works and
Roof Area Rectification Works

The works included rectification of the water penetration to the units. The complex comprises of five (5) unit blocks, a total of 75 units.

The remedial building works can be summarised as follows:

  • Remedial works to balcony waterproofing and tiling areas (sectional and complete areas)
  • Repair cavity wall flashings
  • Replacement of balcony sliding doors and associated waterproofing works
  • Waterproofing of shower recesses
  • Roof area rectification works
  • Rectification of water penetration to foyers
  • Basement drip trays installation (to leaking areas of suspended concrete slab)

The entire project was supervised and certified by RHM Consultants

Balcony Waterproofing

Cavity Flashing


Drip Trays

Foyer Rectification